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Extract from King's County Chronicle 8th August 1866. This extract records that a brewery owned by Robert D. Deverell deceased had been leased by his spouse for a 17 year period during the minority of her son William Deverell.

The brewery was reported to have been long established and well reputed and in full working order and supplied with all modern improvements and machinery. It is noted that there is also a retail shop and dwelling house over it fronting the square. The valuation records of 1882 note that there are 2 licenced houses (very old) valuation £12 and brewery stores (a new store built in 1886).

The Brewery Tap dwelling house itself appears to have been erected about the year 1713 on foot of a lease from John Moore of Croghan (who incidentally gave the name to Thornsbury Lane, Tullamore).

A record of 1853 in the Charleville Estate office shows the property had been owned by George Deverell and it would appear to have been acquired by Deverell in the year 1831. There is a report on the P & H Egan brewery in the King's County Chronicle for the 19th April 1883 which recited that it employed 50 men at not less than £1,600 a year. There was also a report on the 4th December 1884 of new brew house and machinery erected at a cost of £3,000 and described as a 4 storey warehouse of 40 foot in length and with a 35 foot frontage. A note in the Midland Tribune on 1887 (17th February) notes that the brewery has almost doubled it's output in the last year and that the premises has been remodeled.

The Deverell family appeared to have been in Tullamore from the 1780's and originally their brewery was located at the Philip Mc Ginn premises in High Street. Behind the Mc Ginn premises and over a drain at the edge of this field there is the remains of an old water mill which was part of the Deverell brewery. Egan's appear to have acquired the Deverell interest in it's entirely in 1884 by virtue of a lease for 999 years from the Deverell estate.

Did you Know ??
Tullamore was the scene of the first aviation disaster in Ireland? Well, 'tis true. On the 10th May in 1785 a hot air baloon launched in the town is rumoured to have collided with a chimney and landed on some houses, it is reputed that "loadsa" houses, possibly even half the town at that time was burned to the ground. Hence why the town uses the Phoenix as the town emblem. For more detailed and accurate information visit

Drink !
Tullamore is also famous for drink and we don't mean just drinking. The town has had a long history of distilling and is probably most famous for two exports: - Tullamore Dew whiskey and the world famous Irish Mist Liqueur. Would you like to know more - then visit this site

Famous !!
Famous people from the town of Tullamore include: An Taoiseach Mr. Brian Cowen, the late John Dowling (RIP) past President of the GAA, early 1990s. Emmerdale's vet Hari has been recently played by John Nayagam.